Two multimedia pieces I made with photographer, Tom Williams when we both worked at the University of Wollongong.  The first we made with Valerie Napaljarri Martin in her spiritual home Wakurlpa, just outside of Yuendumu in the Northern Territory. You can hear a bit more about the history of Yuendumu in the documentary, Retracing the Tragedy Track. In this story, Warkulpa, Valerie Napaljarri Martin talks about the meaning of this place for her and her family. This multimedia story was published on ABC Open.



Wakurlpa ABC Open pic
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Wakurlpa ABC open text
Valerie’s story about the significance of Wakurlpaclick link here to play the slideshow


Mally and Donna, the story collectors

In this multimedia story, Mally Smart and Donna Castagna from the NSW south coast talk about their home and place and the meaning it has for them.  Tom Williams (photography) and myself, (audio) worked with the women from Waminda Aboriginal women’s organisation as part of an oral history project. This excerpt from the project was published on ABC Open and ABC Illawarra.

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